The  Current  Issue:  Volume  26,  Number 1,  Spring 2015
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I n c l u d e s   F I V E    F e a t u r e    A r t i c l e s :

Editor’s Special Report: “Looking Back at a Quarter Century & 100 Issues of Kmt”

“Virtual Autopsy Creates a Grotesque Tutankhamen” by Dennis Forbes

“The Papyrus Liepsner, An Innovative 3,500-Year-Old Book of the Dead” by Thomas Liepsner

“Art of the Papyrus Liepsner” by Robert Steven Bianchi

“Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt at Carnegie Natural History Museum, Pittsburgh” by Tim Ziaukas

Giant of Egyptology: Zahi Hawass by Dennis Forbes

“The Victory Stela of Amenhotep III: History or Symbolism?” by Patrick van Gils

“Ten Novels from Twenty-five Years” by John M. Adams

Plus “Nile Currents,” “For the Record” & Book Reviews