The  Current  Issue:  Volume  25,  Number 1,  Spring  2014
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Table of Contents
I n c l u d e s   S E V E N   F e a t u r e    A r t i c l e s :

“Collapse Hidden in Success: Rise & Fall of the Old Kingdom” by Miroslav Barta

“Impact of the Discovery of KV62” by Marianne Eaton-Krauss

“The First Record of KV62: The Drawings of Hamzeh Carr”

“Tiye: Great Royal Wife & King’s Mother” by Dennis C. Forbes

“Egyptianizing Stained Glass in Toronto” by Steven Blake Schubert

“Unraveling the Mysteries of the Albany Mummies” by Peter Lacovara

“New Pharaoh & Forgotten Dynasty Discovered at Abydos”

Plus “Nile Currents,” “For the Record” & Book Reviews
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