The  Current  Issue:  Volume  25,  Number 2,  Summer  2014
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I n c l u d e s   e i g h t   F e a t u r e    A r t i c l e s :

“Proof of an Amenhotep III/IV Coregency Found in Asasif Tomb 28”
 by Francisco Martin Valentin & Teresa Bedman

“The Coregency Conundrum” by Aidan Dodson

“Circumstantial Evidence for an Amenhotep III/IV Coregency” by Dennis C. Forbes

“New Amenhotep III Colossi at Kom el Hettan”

“Origins of Egyptian Mummification” by Amandine Marshall

“The Death of Two Kings on the Battlefield” by Dylan Bickerstaffe

“Tomb Discovered at Abydos” by Kevin Cahail

Giant of Egyptology: Pierre Lacau

Plus “Nile Currents,” “For the Record” & Book Reviews
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