The  Current  Issue:  Volume  25,  Number 3,  Fall  2014
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I n c l u d e s   S E V E N   F e a t u r e    A r t i c l e s :

Editorial: “The State of Egypt’s Heritage” by Salima Ikram

“KV40: Cache of 18th Dynasty Princesses & Princes” by Susanne Bickel

“Surveying the Sandstone Quarries of Gebel el Silsila” by Maria Nilsson with John Ward

“Nubian Jewelry at the MFA, Boston” by Denise Doxey & Yvonne Markowitz

“The Coregency Problem in the Later Reign of Akhenaten” by Earl L. Ertman

“How Cleopatra’s Needle Came to New York” by Bob Brier

Plus “Nile Currents,” “For the Record” & Book Reviews
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